Ensure secure, anonymous online investigations

Silo empowers analysts, researchers and investigators to safely and anonymously perform investigations across the open, deep and dark web. Through browser isolation, managed attribution, workflow enhancements, data collection/preservation and tradecraft training, investigations are thorough, efficient and compliant with policy.

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Trust and Safety

Protect analysts conducting trust and safety research while reducing time-to-insight to keep user communities safe and secure


Cybersecurity Intelligence

Access and analyze malicious content without exposing computer or network resources


Intelligence and Evidence Gathering

Protect and spoof analysts’ digital signature while conducting OSINT and accessing PAI


Financial Crime and Compliance

Securely investigate financial crime and fraud while maintaining analyst compliance with industry regulations


Fraud and Brand Misuse

Investigate fraud, brand misuse, platform abuse and trust and safety issues across the surface, deep or dark web


Corporate Research and Protection

Research intellectual property, collect market intelligence and perform background checks across the digital landscape without attribution

Control data regardless of computer, network or SaaS app

With embedded policy controls covering device, access and data loss prevention, Silo ensures your data is protected, regardless of the user’s location. Delivered via the cloud and centrally managed and audited, Silo’s policies follow the user no matter where they work. 


Secure and Anonymous Web Access

Deliver full access to the web without risking exposure to web-borne threats or identity leaks


Remote Worker Enablement

Safeguard user access to corporate resources from outside the perimeter, from managed or unmanaged devices


Third-Party Access

Enforce trust and assert control over third parties while they access corporate assets


Secure Access to High-Value Apps

Centrally provision, revoke and define policies for employees accessing business apps over the web