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Fraud and brand misuse

Conduct investigations into brand misuse without revealing identity or risking exposure to malicious web content

Assess, investigate and remediate fraudulent activity that negatively impacts your brand

Brand reputation has a direct impact on the bottom line, often more significant than direct costs. To build trust with customers and create a secure environment for them, organizations must remain vigilant in tackling fraud and brand misuse as well as trust and safety issues. This vigilance requires broad-based awareness and rapid response to identify and remediate any form of malicious events targeting your resources or your customers. 

Silo for Research gives analysts an integrated platform for conducting ad-hoc or structured investigations without revealing identity, intent or exposing your resources to exploits.

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Silo for Research shortens your time-to-insight, improving research productivity across forums, marketplaces and apps

Blend in with the local crowd

Criminals can be skeptical about who they do business with, so investigation teams need to engage without revealing identity or intent. Silo for Research gives analysts a point-and-click managed attribution framework that can spoof platform, location and time zone as well as provide anonymous, real-time language translation and other tools in order to engage on terms that don’t tip their hand.

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Track transactions across all of the web

Silo for Research allows analysts to follow the evidence trail across the surface, deep or dark web seamlessly and without disrupting the flow of their research.

marketplace grey marketplace

Assess the threat from multiple perspectives

Brand fraud occurs across geographies, and criminals localize their exploits. Analysts need to investigate activity that is localized for different languages, regions, and device platforms. Silo for Research gives the analyst a wide range of platform configuration options that lets them assess fraudulent activity regardless of how the content has been formatted.

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Actively engage without risk of exposure

Investigations may require analysts to engage with an adversary directly. Silo for Research provides a secure, anonymous container for persona-based engagement, so analysts can safely participate in forum discussions, social media engagement or even conduct transactions without compromising their mission. 

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Monitor the fraud monitors

Research platforms typically live outside the reach of IT policies, which can lead to misuse or even abuse. With Silo for Research, all analyst and administrator activity is logged and encrypted with customer-managed keys. Reviews can be static and periodic, or they can be integrated with insider threat platforms via API.

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Fraud and Brand Misuse FAQs


Yes. Brand fraud occurs across geographies, and criminals localize their exploits. Analysts need to investigate activity that is localized for different languages, regions and device platforms. Silo for Research allows investigators to execute research from within geographies around the world, all while showing a local IP address that never refers back to the organization.  


Yes. Analysts need to hide in plain sight. And data collections aren’t always passive; sometimes researchers may need to access forums or interact with parties outside their organization. Silo for Research gives analysts a point-and-click managed attribution framework that can spoof platform, location and time zone as well as provide anonymous, real-time language translation and other tools in order to engage on terms that don’t tip their hand.


Fraud and brand misuse encompasses online deception that is damaging to a business and/or its brand. These investigations typically involve: conducting online research to take down malicious actors using a company’s brand to target individuals with phishing attacks to spread malware or steal identities (e.g., typosquatting); web research vigilance and alert response to company products or assets sold illegally or through non-approved channels; or validating and investigating potentially fraudulent accounts using stolen or fake identities to engage the company’s services or sites.


Yes, dark web access is seamlessly integrated within Silo for Research and its suite of analyst tools. You do not need a separate, standalone dark web browser. This integration provides investigators with full isolation from dark web cyberthreats (e.g., malware-laden sites, forums, marketplaces) and anonymity from counter-surveillance efforts utilized by malicious actors. 

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S1E1 | Online research: your risk, your reward

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