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spy taking photos from vehicle

OSINT news roundup: Spy agencies’ new focus, TiKTok ban and stolen health data

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news around the world.

Crowd of figurines

How AI and ML can be used for SOCMINT

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can improve the collection and analysis of social media data and the…

Micah Hoffman

10-step approach to OSINT mastery from Micah Hoffman

From his OSINTUp keynote "Decoding the digital shadows: journey from OSINT novice to master," Micah Hoffman guides OSINT practitioners…

person scrolling on phone with fishing hook graphic appearing above the screen

Phishing on social media: How threat actors exploit social media platforms to attack people

As social media use rises so does the amount of online personal information. Find out how threat actors use social media user information…

South African parliament building

OSINT news roundup: South African OpSec fail, the PAI feeding AI and the future of spying

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news around the world.

phishing attack types

Phishing attacks 101: common attack types and how to investigate

Knowing where to look and what to look for is critical in the successful detection and investigation of phishing attacks.

Authentic8 x DarkOwl

Authentic8 and DarkOwl forge strategic partnership to revolutionize cybersecurity solutions

Authentic8 and DarkOwl partner to provide organizations unprecedented visibility and protection against cyber threats on the darknet.

several press cameras

Authentic8 launches Silo Shield program to protect high-risk communities

Authentic8 collaborated with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to elevate awareness of the cyber threats that…

a login display in the form of a holograph

What is typosquatting? Attack examples and defense strategies

Defending against typosquatting requires constant vigilance and swift action. Learn the basics of this form of attack and defense…

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The Dark Web

Online research seeks to leave no stone unturned. Yet many researchers are hesitant — or not allowed — to explore the dark web. Our series explores the basics of the dark web and how to safely leverage it for a range of investigations in a way that protects researchers and their organizations. 

Understanding the dark web and how it can aid your investigation

3 things to consider before you start your dark web investigation

Essential tools for improving surface and dark web research

Best practices for creating a dark web access policy

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