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How analysts can keep up with the technology behind deepfakes for better verification

The rise in deepfakes is causing concern among intelligence professionals. Here's how researchers can keep up with verification as…

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The next generation of OSINT: How digital natives will change open-source collection

Generation Z, Generation Alpha and so on… The perceptions of those born in a digital world are changing the way we do things, even in…

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OSINT news roundup: adversaries, investigative journalism and separating -INTS

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world

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Automate transcription and translation of foreign language videos for OSINT

OSINT pro but only fluent in English? Research videos and audio clips in 80+ languages to rapidly assess foreign language video and audio…

A person holds a phone with illustrated like webs coming out of it representing social media and the internet

8 OSINT researchers to follow for tradecraft tips

Resources, tradecraft tips and just plain inspiration—you should be following some of OSINT’s best practitioners

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Blur graphic images, block sensitive content in OSINT research

Two capabilities every OSINT analyst should have in their arsenal are the ability to blur graphic images while searching and during…

Image: extreme close up of woman's face with browsers reflected on the glasses

You may be doing OSINT research without even realizing it

As more professions are using frameworks of OSINT without realizing it, open-source research may be more ubiquitous than you realize.

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OSINT news roundup: social media, secrecy and Congress

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world

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Managed attribution for better ROI and researcher sanity

It’s time to be done with dirty networks, firewalls with more holes than Swiss cheese, and clunky DIY research environments that make IT…

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The Dark Web

Online research seeks to leave no stone unturned. Yet many researchers are hesitant — or not allowed — to explore the dark web. Our series explores the basics of the dark web and how to safely leverage it for a range of investigations in a way that protects researchers and their organizations. 

Understanding the dark web and how it can aid your investigation

3 things to consider before you start your dark web investigation

Essential tools for improving surface and dark web research

Best practices for creating a dark web access policy

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