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Why conducting sensitive online research from Starbucks is a bad idea

Free Wi-Fi may seem like a convenient way to alter your digital fingerprint and avoid tipping off investigative targets, but the risks…

5 key reasons why VPN alone won't protect you or your research

What you need to know about VPNs and the security implications that come with relying on it alone.

Virtual machine vs. managed attribution: which is better?

Researchers have lots of options to manage their anonymity while performing online investigations, but not all solutions are created…

Tips and tricks for anonymous social media investigations

How can professional online investigators securely conduct research on social media without exposing their organizations? Let's look at…

How adversaries use researcher’s digital fingerprint against them

Hidden dangers are lurking in your digital fingerprint. Here's how to manage it.

Buy vs. build non-attributable networks

DIY approaches to powering secure, anonymous online research may seem cost-effective, but hard and soft costs combined show that’s not the…

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Why trust and safety is risky business

Know the risks you take on while conducting a trust and safety investigation, how adversaries could retaliate and how to counteract these…

What’s in your digital fingerprint and how to control it

Your digital fingerprint — or browser fingerprint — may seem like innocuous details. But for online investigators, especially in law…

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Misattribution vs. managed attribution

What’s the difference between misattribution vs. managed attribution? We look at the levels of control each type of attribution provides…

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