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Silo by Authentic8 ranked top 5 G2 Leader in threat intelligence software

G2 has released their Summer 2022 reports, and — based on verified customer reviews — Silo remains a Leader in the Threat Intelligence…

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Non-negotiable security needs SOCs to combat rise in phishing

An unprecedented level of cyber attacks and phishing attempts makes the security needs of SOC teams greater than ever

Cybersecurity executive order: one-year anniversary

Cybersecurity executive order: one-year anniversary

The executive order, Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, seeks to improve the federal government’s cybersecurity across agencies. One…

Give CTI its own seat at the table

Give CTI its own seat at the table

Considering where cyberthreat intelligence teams should reside in the organizational structure can make a major difference in the…

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Safely investigate phishing sites without getting hooked

Phishing sites commonly contain malicious content that can put SOCs and their organizations at risk as they conduct investigations. But…

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Establishing an intelligence process for your CTI team

While many cyberthreat intelligence teams rely on the traditional “Intelligence Cycle” or F3EAD models as they are defined, creating a…

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New White House action improves security of nation’s most sensitive systems

Presidential action expands the oversight role for the NSA regarding national security systems

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Conducting online investigations for cyberthreat intelligence

Get the basics on online investigations to build cyberthreat intelligence, including the role of OSINT, typical workflows and more.

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Silo by Authentic8 ranked G2 leader in threat intelligence software

G2 has released their Winter 2022 reports based on verified customer reviews, market presence and more, with Silo by Authentic8 emerging as…

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