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Authentic8 and DarkOwl forge strategic partnership to revolutionize cybersecurity solutions

Authentic8 and DarkOwl partner to provide organizations unprecedented visibility and protection against cyber threats on the darknet.

Authentic8 launches Silo Shield program to protect high-risk communities

Authentic8 collaborated with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to elevate awareness of the cyber threats that…

Secure OSINT: Authentic8 and Fivecast integration

Authentic8 and Fivecast have brought together their powerhouse solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of highly sensitive…

Automate transcription and translation of foreign language videos for OSINT

OSINT pro but only fluent in English? Research videos and audio clips in 80+ languages to rapidly assess foreign language video and audio…

Silo by Authentic8 ranked top 5 G2 Leader in threat intelligence software

G2 has released their Summer 2022 reports, and — based on verified customer reviews — Silo remains a Leader in the Threat Intelligence…

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Silo by Authentic8 ranked G2 leader in threat intelligence software

G2 has released their Winter 2022 reports based on verified customer reviews, market presence and more, with Silo by Authentic8 emerging as…

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Silo by Authentic8 labeled as Leader on G2

G2 released its Summer 2021 reports, and — based on verified Authentic8 customer reviews — Silo is now considered a Leader in the Browser…

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Authentic8 and LifeRaft: Simplifying workflow to get to ground truth faster

Integration between our Silo Web Isolation Platform and LifeRaft’s security intelligence solution, Navigator, provides the efficiency,…

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Silo by Authentic8 is first authorized FedRAMP web isolation platform

Authentic8 is proud to announce its cloud-based platform is the first authorized FedRAMP web isolation solution meeting strict security…

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