G2 released its Summer 2021 reports, and — based on verified Authentic8 customer reviews — Silo is now considered a Leader in the Browser Isolation category.

G2 is a peer-to-peer review website where businesses can discover and read reviews from verified customers about SaaS applications. G2 only accepts reviews from verified customers who take the time to leave verified reviews. What they say highlights the value that Silo brings to their business or organization. These reviews show how and why organizations continue to deploy Silo for Safe Access and Silo for Research.

According to G2, products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report have high customer satisfaction scores, compared to the rest of the category, making the underlying customer reviews extra meaningful to us. To read our reviews or write one for Silo, see our G2 profile.

Customer praise earns Silo G2's Leader status

What Customers Say About Silo

Just last summer, Silo was considered a High Performer in the categories of Threat Intelligence and Secure Web Gateways. Now, we are just as excited to be labeled as a Leader in the Browser Isolation category.

 Here's what our customers are saying about using Silo:

  • “I like the fact that Silo by Authentic8 has very easy-to-use features. In addition to getting online protection against malicious viruses while browsing the internet, it also serves as a password management suite. It’s capable of masking your IP and ensuring that there is no single trace of local web activities. It also guarantees protection against brute-force hacking, and hacking of all sorts. You can control sensitive and confidential data as an admin user.” - Enterprise Software Developer
  • “It provides us with threat protection and ensures that administrators have complete control on cloud app access to limit risk. It has been able to drastically reduce overhead as we attempt to achieve granular policy control.” - Small-Business Software Engineer
  • “We use Silo by Authentic8 to ensure our web operations are safe and isolated from cyberthreats. It also allows us to expand our access to the internet without any significant risk.” - Small-Business Software Engineer
  • “Every business is on the lookout for ways to keep their equipment, data and confidential company and customer information safe. To that end, we've implemented Silo, which is more than just a browser; it's a tool that keeps you safe in many ways.” - Mid-Market Digital Operations Manager

In addition to our reviews on G2, Authentic8 has series of customer success stories, underlining the ways Silo has specifically benefited their business or organization:

  • You’ve been swatted: A large technology company’s trust and safety analysts experienced several instances of retaliation from criminal groups under their surveillance. By accidentally revealing their identities to adversaries, the analysts are subjected to personal attacks, including having armed federal law enforcement teams converging on their residences in response to fraudulent calls. Silo for Research got them back to safety.
  • Location, location, location: Phishing attacks powered by region-specific malware plagued a large manufacturer. Their SOC turned to Silo for Research due to its regional egress nodes to bypass access blocks, giving threat hunters full view of the malware in a secure environment. By further controlling their digital fingerprint, the analysts could complete their investigation and devise protections against the malware.
  • Good morning, sir. I’m with the FBI: A social media company’s trust and safety analyst was frequenting forums and sites associated with the terrorist activity in the course of his online investigations. While such research starts as a means to protect the integrity and use of the platform, this type of work can end in a hand-off to law enforcement to continue as a criminal case. Imagine the analyst’s surprise when an FBI agent paid a visit to his house. With Silo for Research, they can stay in the good graces of feds while completing their mission. 
  • Threats to the brand and reputation: A financial firm’s brand reputation agents needed secure access to websites, social media and local sources to effectively follow up on suspicious activity and threat reports. With Silo for Research, they have the protection and control they need. 
  • Responding to criminal activity: The SOC team of a major U.S. city government conducts complete, detailed investigations, collecting evidence to share with site owners and even law enforcement agencies with the help of Silo for Research.

For more about what customers are saying about Silo, find our G2 reviews here or our customer success stories here.

Not using Silo yet, but intrigued by the reviews from your peers? If you'd like to see how Silo can help your browser isolation and online investigation efforts, request a demo here.

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