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Advanced Google search tools and techniques

Searching with Google means sifting through lots of information. For people who make online research their profession, it is important to…

A recent Google malvertising scheme highlights the need for secure research environment

Investigating a malvertising scheme that tricked one of the world’s largest search engines is a dangerous game. Here’s how to do so safely:

Automating collection for SOC investigations

Not just the realm of TIPs. Automated collection of deeper-dive online research related to SOC investigations is an important tool in an…

Silo by Authentic8 ranked top 5 G2 Leader in threat intelligence software

G2 has released their Summer 2022 reports, and — based on verified customer reviews — Silo remains a Leader in the Threat Intelligence…

Reporting live from the dark web

A conversation with the host of the Darknet Diaries podcast Jack Rhysider

Non-negotiable security needs SOCs to combat rise in phishing

An unprecedented level of cyber attacks and phishing attempts makes the security needs of SOC teams greater than ever

Surface web vs. dark web: not as black and white as it may seem

What was once a foreign concept to many internet users, the dark web is making its presence known on the surface web.

The dark web story – told from the inside

Interview with a true crime writer and investigative journalist Eileen Ormsby

Tips and tricks for anonymous social media investigations

How can professional online investigators securely conduct research on social media without exposing their organizations? Let's look at…

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