From incident response to war-gaming, security intelligence analysts face sophisticated adversaries

Whether assessing zero-day vulnerabilities or evaluating an inbound PDF file, investigators are exposed to all forms of malicious content. And with supply chain exploits, multi-part malware and social engineering on the rise, organizations need to intensify efforts in understanding threats. 

To ensure that security intelligence investigators don’t become a source of risk, Silo for Research isolates analysts from toxic content and provides them with a purpose-built solution to manage online identity and conduct investigations without ballooning IT costs. 

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Silo for Research gets your team safely online — without the added infrastructure costs

Security Intelligence Challenges:


Research shows that most organizations implement DIY solutions or cocktails of discrete technologies to get analysts online. Silo for Research is a cloud-delivered platform that puts your team on the web in seconds — without added infrastructure or any other up-front investments. Analysts access a virtual environment that gives them full-fidelity access to the web without the risk.


Investigating cyberthreats puts your team in contact with toxic content and malicious actors. Because Silo for Research executes in the cloud, so your environment is never exposed, and your identity is never revealed. All rendered content, all executable code, all access requests to sites and all collections are performed by Silo, with your analysts interacting only with a benign remote display.


Research platforms typically require exceptions to IT policies or live outside of IT control. Silo for Research provides a single, central point of policy enforcement and oversight. Policies are defined in an admin console, and all analyst actions are logged and encrypted via customer-managed keys. APIs allow you to extract encrypted audit logs for internal analysis or to respond to information requests.

Silo for Research cuts time-to-insight, improving analyst productivity in an increasingly complex world

Like a burner phone for accessing the web

Threat researchers need to preserve anonymity and security of systems at all costs. Silo for Research is an on-demand, one-time-use platform for accessing the web. No code ever reaches the endpoint, and no attributes associated with the organization, the endpoint or the individual analyst ever leak to the web.

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Analyze any and all web content

Silo for Research integrates analysis and capture tools in a single, isolated, cloud-based container. Whether analyzing packets, reviewing source code and web linkages, rendering an object file or grabbing an exploit, researchers get a native experience without getting their hands dirty.

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Manipulate objects without touching them

Silo for Research gives you remote control storage tools for migrating content across web properties. Perform native-like file manipulations without exposing your system and flatten files into benign documents for broader review.

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Store data in encrypted, offsite repositories

Silo Secure Storage, an encrypted cloud-based file repository, integrates seamlessly with any analyst’s workflow. All content is stored offsite, preventing exploit or attribution to your organization, and all file permissions and operations are governed by admin policy.

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Blend in with the locals

Analysts need to hide in plain sight. And data collections aren’t always passive; sometimes researchers may need to access forums or interact with parties outside their organization. Silo for Research can execute in dozens of geographies around the world, showing a local IP that never refers back to your organization, and a user agent configured to fit the scenario. Multiple environments can be launched, with analysts having a single integrated windowing environment to move between investigations.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo allows me to browse malicious or adware-laden websites without worrying about impacting my local PC or network.” 

Financial Services Administrator

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“I like how easy Silo makes researching potential threats, without risk to my computer or network environment.” 

User in Telecommunications

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“Silo’s biggest benefit is security in research. It gives us the ability to work around security protocols and regional restrictions while focusing on safety when browsing inherently dangerous websites.” 

Security and Investigations Administrator

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“Simple, easy, and effective tool for secure investigations.” 

User in Banking

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“Silo allows our analysts to conduct in-depth research into current and emerging threats without putting our organization's network at risk.” 

Silo for Research User

Authentic8 Customer REVIEW

“Managed attribution helps take down threats proactively.” 

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

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