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What is Silo Shield?

At Authentic8, our Silo for Research platform has been safeguarding the online research efforts of the world’s most vulnerable organizations for over a decade. We are committed to broadening our support, ensuring that even those with limited resources can also stand protected in performing crucial work.

“Silo Shield’' is our commitment to support high-risk communities who may be targeted by adversaries due to the nature of their work. This program offers our sophisticated Silo for Research platform to provide safe, secure, and anonymous internet access for those who qualify — including journalists, academics, and humanitarian workers.

This initiative supports crucial global research by protecting under-resourced users from digital threats through the Silo for Research platform while providing web access in-region. This program aims to make critical online work risk-free, supporting journalists, humanitarian works, and nonprofits in their efforts to foster transparency, justice, and equality worldwide.

Who’s eligible for Silo Shield?

High-risk communities reliant on online research or subject to targeting by adversaries due to the nature of their work are eligible to participate in Silo Shield. The program underscores our dedication to leveraging technology for the greater good, ensuring those who strive for a better world have the tools they need to succeed safely and securely.

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Academics whose research on global issues demands access to information across geographical boundaries — often in restrictive environments — are eligible.

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Silo Shield is eligible for journalists focusing on topics like security, transparency and global affairs who perform online research and may be targeted by adversaries.

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Activists, non-profits and humanitarian organizations

Activists, non-profit groups and humanitarian aid organizations that work to safeguard human rights, effect justice and provide community assistance are eligible.

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About Silo for Research

The Silo Shield program offers Authentic8’s sophisticated Silo for Research platform to provide safe, secure, and anonymous internet access. Silo for Research is a purpose-built solution for conducting online research without exposing your digital fingerprint. With Silo, you can safely pursue investigations across the surface, deep or dark web from a cloud-based browsing interface while controlling how you appear online.

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