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Foolproof security of user web activity

Even the most security-aware users make mistakes and can accidentally expose their organizations’ networks to malware and other…

A recent Google malvertising scheme highlights the need for secure research environment

Investigating a malvertising scheme that tricked one of the world’s largest search engines is a dangerous game. Here’s how to do so safely:

Why conducting sensitive online research from Starbucks is a bad idea

Free Wi-Fi may seem like a convenient way to alter your digital fingerprint and avoid tipping off investigative targets, but the risks…

SOC analysts: 3 non-negotiable needs for online investigation

An unprecedented level of cyber attacks and phishing attempts makes the security needs of SOC teams greater than ever

Safely investigate phishing sites without getting hooked

Phishing sites commonly contain malicious content that can put SOCs and their organizations at risk as they conduct investigations. But…

5 Steps for secure malware analysis

Malware analysis is a tricky process. Incorrect handling leads to accidental self-exposure, which can be devastating depending on where the…

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Combating malware in 2020: process, trends and tools

Adversaries are continuously honing their skills, planning for their next attack. How to stay one step ahead? The right framework prepares…

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Research: More worries with Wasm

In many web browsers, the WebAssembly programming language is taking over execution tasks that were once exclusively the domain of…

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