Shorten your time-to-insight

Silo for Research improves analyst efficiency and tradecraft across all phases of the information collection life cycle. Get your teams online and productive without deploying complicated solutions or disrupting your current infrastructure.  

Safe and anonymous access to all areas of the web

Silo for Research is an integrated platform for conducting web research without exposing your digital signature. Access web-based resources across the surface, deep or dark web.


Online investigations without the risk

Screen of one-time-use browser instances with discrete parameters
Screen of access across geographies, surface, deep and dark web
Screen of analyze page content, links, source data and packets
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Access alternate networks

Span alternate regions, languages and network protocols. Silo for Research spins up one-time-use browser instances that give you access to content across geographies and web protocols. Regardless of the destination resource, your identity or affiliation is never exposed. 

Being anonymous is one thing, but actively managing how you appear online when conducting sensitive research is quite another. Silo for Research lets you match your persona to the specific investigation needs. Appear local to the subject material by accessing the internet through Berlin, Mexico City, Singapore or any of Authentic8's access points around the world. Websites may present themselves differently based on your device settings; with Silo, you spoof whatever the most popular configuration may be for the region — even if it’s a mobile platform in a different language. Silo for Research combined with good tradecraft ensures your research activities aren't attributed to your analysts or organization.

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Automate collections

Silo for Research supports collections of all types of web content as the analyst needs it, or over a period of time. Automation tools allow you to set up regular collection routines to capture a range of web content types, transform the content to a format of your choice and securely store it in the cloud. 

Analysts often revisit the same sources to keep current with changing target data. While these repetitive collections are vital, it's inefficient to use valuable analyst time on repetitive or rote tasks. The Collector add-on for Silo for Research allows analysts to schedule and automate collections across any region or protocol supported by the configuration.   And good research means expanding search operations across multiple websites covering different data sources or content formats. For this technique, the Gofer add-on allows analysts to configure and execute multi-search workflows seamlessly. It includes a set of pre-configured websites and workflows that can be customized and enhanced to fit any type of search. Read more about these capabilities in the Collector and Gofer data sheets.

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Preserve data in the cloud

Investigators may be required to capture and collect content as part of their process. And to maintain efficacy of potential evidence, a proper chain of control and evidentiary requirements must be met. Silo for Research integrates with Authentic8 Secure Storage, an encrypted, audited cloud-based storage repository for users and groups.

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Improve tradecraft

From digital signature to advanced tracking across the latest social media sites, you need to keep your analysts current with the latest techniques. Authentic8 OSINT Academy provides tradecraft training for all types of users, from executives who need to minimize their digital profile to experienced research analysts conducting deep investigations across the dark web.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo allows investigators to search anonymously using all kinds of cool tricks and techniques.”

User in Global Security

Authentic8 Customer

“Silo is cheaper and easier than building a dedicated non-attributed platform.”

User in Banking

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“A key advantage of Silo for Research is that it offers managed attribution, so the investigator’s IP address and other identifiers remain completely hidden.”

Software Engineer

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“Our analysts found Silo to be invaluable and one of the most-used tools in our arsenal.”

User in Government

Authentic8 Customer

“We use Silo to emulate operating systems, browsers, and geographies during obfuscation research.”


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“Silo is really beneficial when you need to take screenshots to present to a prosecutor. You can format the evidence to look exactly how it would likely appear on the suspect’s device.”

User in Law Enforcement

Authentic8 Success Story

“My security team uses Silo in testing and reviewing suspicious email links and other security alerts.”

Authentic8 Customer

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“We are not aware of any other solutions like Silo for Research on the market.”

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

Authentic8 Success Story

“With Silo, there is no need to have a “dirty” machine, because you are fully protected.”

Authentic8 Customer

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