Trust and Safety teams do much more than prevent fraud. Their mission is to help build a relationship based on trust between all transacting and collaborating parties – vendors, customers, partners, contractors, and more. And they do it by reducing the risk of any incidents that may harm the company or anyone it’s doing business with.

From protecting customers’ identity to detecting fraud and investigating security incidents, T&S teams help protect peoples, assets and reputations for companies and government agencies across industries and geographies. Join us as we bring to life real-world examples of online investigations that T&S teams are involved in:

  • What types of information are T&S investigators looking for
  • Which sites do they use to get insights on people and organizations that are suspected of fraud or abuse
  • What potential dangers threaten the success and integrity of their missions
  • Which tools do T&S researchers use to be more productive, while keeping their missions safe and secure

This is the second webinar in a two-part series. The first installment: Trust and Safety Part 1 is available on demand.

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