Stay secure and anonymous in online investigations

Join our live demo to see Silo for Research in action. Every Friday, investigators, researchers, analysts and their supporting teams can join Silo product experts to see the ins and outs of the robust online investigation solution.
Each session includes an interactive presentation and demonstration exploring features, capabilities and benefits of Silo for Research including:

  • The protection, power and productivity of a purpose-built online research platform
  • How Silo for Research protects all online research activity through isolation and anonymity
  • Ways an analyst can manage their digital fingerprint to suit the needs of an investigation
  • How workflow enhancement capabilities across the collection life cycle can improve analyst productivity
  • How IT can enable researchers while enforcing policy and maintaining audit oversight  

The live demo will showcase:

  • One-click access within geographic region to the open, deep and dark web
  • Digital fingerprint management through managed attribution 
  • Safely accessing dark webs such as Tor and ZeroNet
  • Data collection, annotation and storage tools for online investigators to streamline and share research 
  • Productivity enhancers such as scheduling recurring collections and executing multi-search workflows

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